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Enriching Community

Our Programs

Our programs are deeply impacting communities. 

Third Thursdays


Third Thursday is a community event delivering free warm meals to the surrounding community regardless of need or if they have an address.


Third Thursday started as a way to bring light and love to neighbors and has turned into something that has given hope through a pandemic and during times that question the goodness of humanity.  

"Starting with the pandemic we starting receiving 3rd Thursday pizza. Being elderly and not able to leave the house it was a blessing to receive the pizza, we always look forward to 3rd Thursday. We feel blessed to have been included in this generous offer. "

- Jack & Judy

Third Saturday


 Third Saturday is a monthly event where people gather to clean up their community. Humanity Ambassadors organize the event and bring together people from their neighborhood to spend at least 30 mins walking around their neighborhood picking up trash.


All of the supplies are provided and disposal of the trash and recycling are taken care of. Food is provided. It is a great way to meet neighbors and create unity within communities.   

Humanity Ambabassors

IMG-20200822-WA0004 (1).jpg

Our Humanity Ambassador Program Initiative (HAPI), is an inclusive opportunity for individuals and companies who want to drive impactful change within their communities, with guidance and resources from Humanity Power. 

By using the unity within our humanity we can end the 'isms and do good in the world. 

Humanity Kids

Marlee and Humanity (1).png

A little manatee teaching young kids about humanity.

Through engaging stories and curriculum, our next generation of humans will learn, understand, and experience a variety of topics like kindness, awareness, compassion, culture, and how to use the best parts of their humanity.


We are launching a pilot program for kids grades K-3 for public, private, and home schools along with household learning. 

RV For Humanity

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 10.36.13 AM.png

Our newest program focuses on the unhoused humans in our community. 

We stock up the RV with supplies and needed goods for the unhoused and provide necessities like resources, care packages, food, and more. 

This program is estimated to launch November of 2021


People Fed including the unhoused


humanity the manatee books sold / donated


humanity ambassadors 

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