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Become a
umanity Partner


By becoming a Humanity Partner, your company is aligned with working toward ending the -isms that harm humanity.
(ageism, ableism, classism, colorism, sexism, racism). 

A Humanity Partner is an organization who shares the belief that together we can empower our workplaces, our communities, and ourselves to create a better world. 

You'd be supporting Humanity Power programs while making a positive impact to end the 'isms by using the unity within our humanity.


Two ways to get involved


Become a Humanity Partner by supporting our programs with a donation.


Bring the Humanity Ambassador Program Initiative (HAPI) to your company for your people.

Image by Joel Muniz

HAPI Humans.
Make an Impact.
Start with humanity.

By bringing the Humanity Ambassador Program to your company, you will...

  • Receive extensive guidance and education to end the 'isms inside and outside the workplace

  • Develop and enrich your workplace culture

  • Help build and give back to local communities

  • Participate in deep humanitarian work that transcends the workplace

  • Sustainable engagement that is not performative

  • Give employees access to a new mindset

  • Create leadership development and empowerment 

  • Gain impact reports to measure your impact

Our Humanity Partners


HAPI  benefits

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Build Unity
with the Workplace


Taking Action towards bettering Humanity


Partner with a positive impact organization

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Acknowledging your efforts with a badge for your website

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What Happens Next

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Set up a connecting conversation to learn more about your goals and what offerings we can highlight first for optimum engagement.

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Share with your company. We provide you with templates and easy-start instructions to start making an impact immediately. 

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