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Humans Behind Humanity

About Us

About Humanity Power

Humanity Power is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on social impact

and education that end the -isms that harm our humanity.

(ageism, ableism, colorism, classism, sexism, racism).

These 'isms disempower and limit our full potential as individuals and society as a whole.

We understand that our work will continue long after we are gone. We see ourselves

as the roots to a tree whose shade we will never experience.

Our vision is deep. The mission is impactful and our hearts are in it.

Our Story

Humanity Power™ was birthed out of a called 'How To Become A Racist,' where Charisse Fontes takes attendees on a journey from Birth-to-Racism while debunking common myths like racism being a Black and White issue.

With a refreshed knowledge and understanding of racism, attendees expressed a deeper desire not only to end racism but also to end other isms that are harmful.


With the knowingness that being against something doesn't yield the process and impact we desire, Humanity Power became a guide for humans to learn and develop beyond the narratives echoed by society.

The Humans

Charisse Fontes

Visionary, founder, author, educator, and speaker that brings the message of high-vibration and humanity.

Luisa Vargas

Creator, extrovert, and life-long learner that brings to life an inclusive community for human expression.

Kelsey Ley

Collaborator, systems-thinker, creative, and teacher that empowers people to evolve any environment so it better supports humanity.


Volunteers who are using their expertise to contribute and support the humanitarian impact of Humanity Power

Andréa Kohalmi Summers

Communications artist, business strategist, leadership advisor, spiritual guide, energy worker, and author, passionate about bringing heart and soul to the world.

Alyssa Polizzi 

Educator, creator, guide, and artist that cultivates a space for deep inner inquiry and exploration.

Maria Vargas

Curious thinker, writer, and adventure seeker bringing ideas to life, so together each of us can uplift our worlds for the better. 

Board Members

Our Board Members guide and support Humanity Power on the best and most efficient way to achieve our goals and mission. 

Amber Hom

Real estate agent, spiritual teacher, cooking enthusiast and community volunteer.

Micheal Becker

Business, privacy, and self-sovereign identity entrepreneur, strategic advisor, speaker, writer, educator, and scholar.

Company Sponsors

Companies that are raising humanity and supporting the work to end the -isms harming humanity.