Meet the Team

We can't solve a low-vibrational problem with low-vibrational solutions. 

Meet the Team

We solve low-vibrational problems with high-vibrational solutions.
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Our Story

Humanity Power™ was birthed out of a much-needed workshop called 'How To Become A Racist', where Charisse Fontes takes attendees on a journey from Birth-to-Racism while debunking common myths like racism being a White and Black issue.


Charisse studies culture, religions, and tribes to enrich humanity focused work and reach. She also leads Culture Circle, a branch of of Humanity Power which empowers healthy and inclusive workplaces through the lens of anthropology and humanity. You can learn more about Culture Circle here.  

Charisse Fontes

Visionary, founder, author, educator, and speaker that brings the message of high-vibration and humanity.

Kelsey Ley

Collaborator, systems-thinker, creative, and teacher that empowers people to evolve any environment so it better supports humanity.

Luisa Vargas

Creator, extrovert, and life-long learner that brings to life an inclusive community for human expression.
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Meet the Board

Amber Hom

Real estate agent, spiritual teacher, cooking enthusiast and community volunteer.

Michael Becker

Business, privacy, and self-sovereign identity entrepreneur, strategic advisor, speaker, writer, educator, and scholar.


Andréa Kohalmi Summers

Communications artist, business strategist, leadership advisor, spiritual guide, energy worker, and author, passionate about bringing heart and soul to the world.

Maria Vargas

Curious thinker, writer, and adventure seeker bringing ideas to life, so together each of us can uplift our worlds for the better. 

Alyssa Polizzi

Educator, creator, guide and artist that cultivates a space for deep inner inquiry and exploration.
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