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The Adventures of
Humanity the Manatee

A story about humanity.

After a soothing bedtime song, Humanity the manatee begins to dream about the true meaning of her name. When the little manatee is awakened by two human children, she takes them on an adventure of discovery. Together, they learn respect, love, and humanity for the world around them. Read it here.

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"My manatee, little Humanity,

The universe loves you now.

My manatee, little Humanity,

You can show the world how."

Listen to the song here!


Behind the story

As soon as Humanity Power was created, Charisse immediately knew that she wanted to create something just for the kids.


After a suggestion from her husband to use a manatee as a symbol, the name came naturally. Humanity the Manatee was how kids will learn about their humanity and how to use it.


Charisse tested out the concept on her little humans, and they loved it. 


This is 1 of the 11 book series, and through the eyes of this little manatee, kids will learn and be able to share humanity with all.


These books are designed for someone to read them to the little human; Charisse hopes that the reader is also positively inspired to use their humanity.

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Share the Humanity

For every 100 books sold, we donate 50 copies to a school.

School Bus

Save the Manatee


We donate a percent of every book sold to help protect manatees and their habitats. The proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Save the Manatee. Learn more about their work here. 

Meet the Creators


The Author: Charisse Fontes

Charisse is the creator of Humanity the Manatee a wonderful character that teaches children on an adventure to understand, explore and use their humanity.


As a mother to five kids, a birth doula, and founder of Humanity Power. Charisse is on a mission to help heal humanity by educating and helping people take action to end the isms that are harming our humanity.

Want to connect with Charisse? Email her at

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The Illustrator: Sharleen Rachel Sutjitra

Sharleen is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Indonesia. Since 2018 she has been experienced in digital painting, especially animals. Her passion is making people happy by seeing her arts.

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Words from others

"A heart-felt story that lovingly brings awareness to the understanding that our actions as humans have a big impact on the people and environment around us." -Kelsey Ley

"WOW! Your special books arrived today and I just LOVE them!  What an important message, powerfully told through the illustrations and the adorable conversation with the cute Manatee. Beautiful....timely yet timeless message."

"I just wanted to say you are amazing and your book is a reflection of that! The girls have read it a bunch of times. And Leena wants to write a book now too  Love the message and the way you told the story."

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