There is unity in community, here's how we do it.

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We feed over 100 people monthly through our Third Thursday events. Food is delivered contactless to anyone regardless of their need and we hope to expand this to other communities in the near future. 

“A smile was put on lay face when my dad told me the pizza was delivered to the door and it’s always amazing to fill someone’s day up with positivity. Thank you so much and continue doing the great things you do!”

"This was so thoughtful of whomever did his. THANK YOU FROMT HE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! We, in fact, were sitting on the porch discussing dinner! It came at a most perfect moment! Thank you!!”


Community cleanup events are currently held both in Austin, Texas, and the San Fransisco Bay Area, California. We are creating a sense of unity in our communities and cleaning our lands in the process. Every third Saturday of the month we invite our neighbors to help us pick up trash. A kid and dog friendly event!